Sentence Examples with the word in operation

Occasionally, at very gassy and dangerous collieries, two fans and driving engines are erected at the same air shaft, and in case of accident to the fan in operation the other can be started within a few minutes.

An inland parcel post was in operation long before the overthrow of the monarchy, and a similar service with Portugal has been successfully maintained for a number of years, notwithstanding the difficulties interposed by customs regulations.

Tramway lines were in operation in Bogota, Barranquilla and Cartagena in 1907.

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A cotton mill was erected in Lincoln county about 1813, and by 1840 about 25 small mills were in operation within the state.

What the other judges thought is not definitely known, but Bacon appears to have been unable to put in operation the plan he had devised for swaying Coke's judgment,' or if he did attempt it, he was unsuccessful, for Coke finally gave an opinion consistent with what he seems to have held at first, that the book was not treasonable, as it did not disable the king's title.

N i colas says, that the right was always restricted in operation to sovereign princes, to those acting under their authority or sanction, and to a few other personages of exalted rank and station.

Other mints are now in operation at New Orleans, San Francisco and Denver.

No mints are in operation in Africa.

In the colonies of more than one European country, after the prohibition of the slave trade, attempts were made to replace it by a system of importing labourers of the inferior races under contracts for a somewhat lengthened term; and this was in several instances found to degenerate into a sort of legalized slave traffic. About 1867 we began to hear of a system of this kind which was in operation between the South Sea Islands and New Caledonia and the white settlements in Fiji.

Woolcard machinery destined to revolutionize the industry was devised by Amos Whittemore (1759-1828) in 1 797; spinning jennies were in operation under water-power before 1815.