Sentence Examples with the word in on

And you've been horning in on the action.

Yet all the same this information astonished and irritated the count, coming as it did in the form of a simple note with an order from Kutuzov, and received at night, breaking in on his beauty sleep.

He filled Fred in on the details of Edith's visit and Cynthia's late night phone call and the abrupt end to the conversation.

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On a stormy August night in 1689 150o Iroquois burst in on the village of Lachine near Montreal, butchered 200 of its people, and carried off more than loo to be tortured to death at their leisure.

I hadn't a chance to fill Betsy in on my conversation Frank Vasapolli and was anxious to do so.

But a new element, the Mongolians of Central Asia, now bursts in on the scene.

They are bringing another! cried one of the officers, indicating a captive French dragoon who was being brought in on foot by two Cossacks.

Having been sent with papers from Kutuzov to the Tsarevich, he looked in on Boris, hoping to find him alone.

He filled Fred in on his conversation with Cece Baldwin and tried to dismiss the entire case as a waste of time.

Impelled by the crowd, they had got wedged in at the approach to the dam and, jammed in on all sides, had stopped because a horse in front had fallen under a cannon and the crowd were dragging it out.