Sentence Examples with the word in line

Castle Cary covers nearly four acres: its ramparts contain massive and well-dressed masonry; its interior buildings, though they agree in material, do not altogether agree in plan with those of Bar Hill, and its north face falls in line with the frontier wall.

The pursuit of the French was ineffective, for Tourville persisted in keeping his ships in line of battle, which forced them to regulate their speed by the slowest among them.

He agreed to abdicate and retire in favor of the next in line for the throne.

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If these two were broadside on to the direction of the sending station oscillations in the same phase would be produced in them both, but if they were in line with it then the oscillations would be in opposite phases.

Being first in line one day meant being last in line the next.

Ordered Luxemburg to keep in line with other French armies which were carrying on more or less desultory wars of manoeuvre on the Meuse and Moselle.

Ninety-eight divisions were in line and others in support, but neither physically nor morally were these troops all that could be desired.

In fact, I think you could replace the entire tax code with taxes that make the costs of products more in line with their actual costs to society as opposed to only their costs to individuals.

Here they are in line with non-Christian writers or culture-mockers like Lucian of Samosata; or graver spirits like Porphyry, who champions Neo-Platonism as a rival to Christianity, and does pioneer work in criticism by attacks on some of the Old Testament books.

Distribution of Frequencies in Line Spectra.