Sentence Examples with the word in heat

It was then allowed to expand further, taking in heat from a furnace under the cylinder and falling in pressure.

Sow also in heat mustard and cress for salads, onions for salads; tomatoes, celery to be pricked out for an early crop; and Early Horn carrot and kidney-beans on slight hotbeds.

The gully shimmered in heat waves.

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Per hour in 13 seconds, the rate at which work would have to be absorbed by the brake blocks would represent 237 H.P. This is lost in heat produced by the friction between the brake blocks and the wheels, though in some systems of electric driving some of the energy stored in the train may be returned to the central station during retardation.

Sow petunias in heat, and prick out and harden for bedding out; also gloxinias to be grown on in heat till the flowering season.

She remains in a state of oestrum for about three days, and if not pregnant comes in heat again in three weeks.

It then takes in heat from the furnace, expanding in volume and forcing the piston (B) to rise, which completes the cycle.