Sentence Examples with the word in front

As the truck came to a halt in front of the house, she stared up at it in awe.

She sat in front of the obelisk, staring at all that remained of her family history.

In the house the man wears a skull cap; out of doors the older Parsis wear the khoka, a tall hat, higher in front than at the back, made of a stiff shiny material, with a diaper pattern (Plate I.

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The white Hummer limo made it up the snowy slope and slowed as it crossed the cleared cobblestone drive in front of the castle.

This author, distinguished alike as a physiologist, mathematician and mechanician, describes and figures a bird with artificial wings, each of which consists of a rigid rod in front and flexible feathers behind.

In diameter, with a stroke of 162 in., and the driving wheels, which were placed in front under the funnel, were 4 ft.

Brady entered the code from his micro onto the keypad beside the metal door in front of him.

The rocket slammed into an ambulance parked in front of Andre's, the brilliant explosion throwing heat and light that reached her on what she estimated was the twentieth floor.

The most remarkable feature of Laraish is its fine large market-place inside the town with a low colonnade in front of very small shops.

These temporary aims are like the broom fixed in front of a locomotive to clear the snow from the rails in front: they clear men's moral responsibilities from their path.