Sentence Examples with the word in fact

If the consciousness of freedom were not a separate and independent source of self-consciousness it would be subject to reasoning and to experience, but in fact such subjection does not exist and is inconceivable.

The idea of Dr Saenz Pena was to conduct the government on common sense and non-partisan lines, in fact to translate into practical politics the principles which underlay the compromise of the Acuerdo.

It naturally seemed to Napoleon that the war was caused by England's intrigues (as in fact he said on the island of St. Helena).

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The result of the combination was in fact a juxtaposition rather than a compound; it is manifestly impossible to find an organic connexion between a practical code like Cynicism and the transcendental logic of the Megarians.

Meanwhile Benedek had in fact assigned only one corps with the reserve cavalry to oppose a Prussian advance towards Vienna, and the remaining seven retired to Olmiitz, where they were on the flank of a Prussian advance on Vienna, and had all the resources of Hungary behind them to enable them to recuperate.

D x the first evectant; and thence 4cxdi the second evectant; in fact the two evectants are to numerical factors pres, the cubic covariant Q, and the square of the original cubic.

The work was in fact the first attempt to substitute for the popular representations of Thiers and Lamartine the critical investigation which has been carried on with such brilliance by Taine and Sorel.

The evolutionist, on the contrary (see Evolution), maintains that different successive species of animals are in fact connected by parental descent, having become modified in the course of successive generations.

This was in fact an eventuality which had been foreseen and on which the naval and military policy of Japan had been based for ten years.

There is therefore no foundation in fact for the silly story (copied into the Diet.