Sentence Examples with the word in earnest

Perhaps in the department of thought where it is most in earnest - in ethics - it is an idealism.

His political career began in earnest at the opening of the War of 1812.

The scientific study of the economics of local administration is, however, in its infancy, and requires to be taken up in earnest by economists.

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But much time was consumed and the plan underwent several modifications before its execution began in earnest on the 16th of January.

Hooker now advanced in earnest on Rossville, and by nightfall the whole Confederate army, except the troops on Tunnel Hill, was retreating in disorder.

Preparation was begun in earnest after the accession of King William I., who selected Bismarck as his chancellor, Moltke as his chief of staff and Roon as his minister of war, and gave them a free hand to create the political situation and prepare the military machinery necessary to exploit it.

Bonaparte, with whom Tone had several interviews about this time, was much less disposed than Hoche had been to undertake in earnest an Irish expedition; and when the rebellion broke out in Ireland in 17 9 8 he had started for Egypt.

But he was too fiercely in earnest in his horror of Jacobinism to allow mere party associations to guide him.

The pope, John XXII., made him his principal chaplain, and presented him with a rochet in earnest of the first vacant bishopric in England.

He never was a member of the Humanist circle; he was too much in earnest about religious questions and of too practical a turn of mind.