Sentence Examples with the word in brief

The document is in brief legal form, beginning with the date and the names of the accused, and giving the actual dialogue between them and their judge.

The history as such is subordinate; and except at important epochs is given only in brief summaries (e.g.

Gioja's latest work Filosofia della statistica (2 vols., 1826; p vols., 1829-1830) contains in brief compass the essence of his ideas on human life, and affords the clearest insight into his aim and method in philosophy both theoretical and practical.

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Sterne's character defies analysis in brief space.

In 1863) sums up in brief and perfect form the essential principles of his doctrine, and is a little masterpiece worthy to be set beside Kant's Metaphysic of Morals as an authoritative statement of one of the two main forms of modern ethical speculation.

These are discussed by Mr Howard in the paper referred to, but in brief they all amount to measures of general hygiene, and the isolation, prompt removal, or proper sterilization of the animal or human excrement in which these flies breed.

Thomsen and Berthelot independently enunciated a generalization (commonly known as Berthelot's Third Principle, or Principle of Maximum Work), which may be stated in brief as follows: - Every pure chemical reaction is accompanied by evolution of heat.

The rainy season lasts from midJune to the end of September, rain usually falling every three or four days in brief but violent showers.

Donne excels in brief flashes of wit and beauty, and in sudden daring phrases that have the full perfume of poetry in them.

They are couched in brief legislative form though on no definite plan, and deal with the vexed questions of ecclesiastical discipline as they were raised towards the end of the 4th century.