Sentence Examples with the word in a way

Bordeaux was watching her in a way that brought color to her cheeks again.

Just not in a way that lets everyone involved live.

Things continued in this position until about 1823, when James Smith of Deanston, having discovered anew those principles of draining so long before indicated by Blith, proceeded to exemplify them in his own practice, and to expound them to the public in a way that speedily effected a complete revolution in the art of draining, and marked an era in agricultural progress.

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Her scent still lingered in the air, and he could almost feel her hands on his body again, caressing him in a way that turned him from a god in control of himself into a fawning teenager.

She sat up and gazed at him, chewing her lip in a way he knew to be an indication that she was troubled.

And Kutuzov smiled in a way that seemed to say, You are quite at liberty not to believe me and I don't even care whether you do or not, but you have no grounds for telling me so.

The queens marriage was miserable; and she consoled herself in a way which at once made her court the scandal of Europe, and upset the French kings plans by providing the throne of Spain with healthy heirs of genuine Spanish blood.

The duchy of Berg, along with the eastern part of Cleves and other annexes, now went to Murat, brother-in-law of Napoleon (March 1806); and that melodramatic soldier at once began to round off his eastern boundary in a way highly offensive to Prussia.

It seems to have been common among the Jews, and the case of the witch of Endor is narrated in a way to suggest something beyond fraud; in the book of magic which bears the name of Dr Faustus may be found many of the formulae for raising demons; in England may be mentioned especially Dr Dee as one of the most famous of those who claimed before the days of modern spiritualism to have intercourse with the unseen world and to summon demons at his will.

But his principal work was Historiae Philippicae in forty-four In the trogon of Cuba, Prionotelus, they are most curiously scooped out, as it were, at the extremity, and the lateral pointed ends diverge in a way almost unique among birds.