Sentence Examples with the word in Reserve

He also detailed the 27th Div., in reserve on the Tagliamento, to be ready as a further reinforcement and formed a further artillery reserve of To heavy batteries.

Partly from fear of a national Polish rising which Napoleon held in reserve as a last means of coercion, and partly from a subtle resolve to use the French alliance as a means of securing rich domains at the expense of Turkey, Prussia, Sweden and England, Alexander decided to throw over his allies, Prussia and England, and to seize the spoils to which the conqueror pointed as the natural sequel of a Franco-Russian alliance.

What a nuisance that our squadron will be in reserve tomorrow, he thought.

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Their squadron remained in reserve and Nicholas Rostov spent that day in a dull and wretched mood.

Cadorna was unwilling to break up the 9th Div., and ordered that it should be held in reserve at Schio, within easy reach of the Vallarsa sector, while to reinforce the Tonezza sector he dispatched an additional brigade from the general reserve.

Hill, whose men had fought the battle of South Mountain and had already been three times engaged a fond on this day, proper support must have enabled the Federals to crush Lee's centre, but Franklin and Porter in reserve were not allowed by McClellan to move forward and the opportunity passed.

The number of Turkish divisions within the peninsula and in reserve on the Asiatic side of the Straits had, however, grown, and by the end of June Liman von Sanders appears to have had nine under his orders.

In reply Cadorna detached two more divisions, the 9th and loth, from the general reserve in Friuli, to be held in reserve at Schio and Bassano, and gave an additional group of Alpine battalions to the I.

It had to wait two centuries after the revolution of 987 before it was strong enough to take up the dormant tradition of an authority like that of Rome; and until then it cunningly avoided unequal strife in which, victory being impossible, reverses might have weakened those titles, higher than any due to feudal rights, conferred by the heritage of the Caesars and the coronation at Reims, and held in reserve for the future.