Sentence Examples with the word in Form

The tanks are nearly cylindrical in form and have a truncated cone fixed in the centre, as shown at C, fig.

The Calendar Of The Church Of England Is Therefore From Century To Century The Same In Form As The Old Roman Calendar, Excepting That The Golden Numbers Indicate The Full Moons Instead Of The New Moons.

Many assumptions are made in treating of the flexure of a continuous structure which are not strictly true; no assumption is made in determining the stresses on a frame except that the joints are flexible, and that the frame shall be so stiff as not sensibly to alter in form under the load.

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The perithecium is very constant in form and since the gonidia take no part variations are of value in classification some more details may be added.

But it varies much in form and scaling, and some most aberrant varieties have been fixed by artificial selection, the principal being the king-carp or mirror-carp, in which the scales are enlarged and reduced in number, forming more or less regular longitudinal series on the sides, and the leather-carp, in which the scales have all but disappeared, the fish being covered with a thick, leathery skin.

On the Atlantic coast of the United States the dugout was improved in form where the waters were more disturbed.

Roman satire, though in form a legitimate development of the indigenous dramatic satura through the written satura of Ennius and Pacuvius, is really a birth of this time, and its author was the youngest of those admitted into the intimacy of the Scipionic circle, C. Lucilius of Suessa Aurunca (c. 180-103).

It traces the necessary acts by which the cognitive consciousness comes to be what it is, both in form and in content.

Eastward of this cloister extend the hall and chapel of the infirmary, resembling in form and arrangement the nave and chancel of an aisled church.

The variability in form and function of the second maxillae is sufficiently shown by the fact that G.