Sentence Examples with the word impugn

At the same time he did not impugn the authority of the Church, which he regarded as useful in maintaining external unity.

There is no reason to impugn the soundness of this substantially consentient testimony to the pronunciation Yahweh or Jahveh, coming as it does through several independent channels.

The funftions of the champion were to ride into Westminster Hall at the coronation banquet, and challenge all comers to impugn the king's title (see Champion).

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The ultimate superiority of the moral consciousness over all other standards is recognized, even by those who impugn its authority, whenever they claim that all men ought to recognize the superior value of the standards which they themselves wish to substitute.

Hence the following paragraphs, while they will resume and affirm his principal results, will qualify and impugn some of his positions.

Yet these two schools of Sufis were never quite similar; on Sunnite soil Sufiism could not openly impugn orthodox views, while in Persia it was saturated with Shiite heresy and the pantheism of the extreme devotees of 'Ali.