Sentence Examples with the word improvised

Was an improvised formation.) In addition, to deal with Albanian troubles, each of the allies retained considerable forces in the mountains; including the main body of the Montenegrin army.

The Rumanian folk-songs, sung and often improvised by the villagers, or by a wandering guitar-player (cobzar), are of exceptional interest and beauty (see Literature, below).

Despite these disasters Burgoyne pushed south to Stillwater, where he was defeated by Gates's improvised army of continentals and militia in two battles on the of September (Freeman's Farm) and the 7th of October (Bemis's Height).

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It was the most comical shapeless thing, this improvised doll, with no nose, mouth, ears or eyes--nothing that even the imagination of a child could convert into a face.

Arentschild won a notable success over the improvised Prussian and Coburg division of General v.

The count wished to go home, but Helene entreated him not to spoil her improvised ball, and the Rostovs stayed on.

On the 15th of October he took command of the gun-vessels which had been built on the upper waters of the Mississippi, and to which he made important additions at an improvised navy-yard at Mound City, Illinois.

General Lee had thus on the seventh day concentrated his army of ten divisions in the enemy's front; but Jackson's dispositions were unfortunate and General Lee's plan of attack was thus upset; and while seeking a route to turn the enemy's right the Confederate commander was apprised that a battle had been improvised by the divisions in advance.

From the 17th century onward Purim plays were performed mostly by the children, who improvised a dramatic version of the story of Esther.

Being presented to the seven poets who were then engaged on the projected epic, Abu 'I Kasim was admitted to their meetings, and on one occasion improvised a verse, at Mahmud's request, in praise of his favourite Ayaz, with such success that the sultan bestowed upon him the name of Firdousi, saying that he had converted his assemblies into paradise (Firdous).