Sentence Examples with the word improving

The paring and burning of land, although formerly practised as an ordinary means of improving the texture and fertility of arable fields, can now only be looked upon as a practice p to be adopted for the purpose of bringing rapidly into cultivation very foul leys or, land covered with a coarse turf.

Numerous patent ropes, some having wires and strands of special shapes, have been introduced with the idea of improving the wearing properties.

By mitigating the hardships of the corve, and improving the irrigation system, on which the prosperity of the country mainly depends, he had conferred enormous benefits on the fellahin, and had laid the foundation of permanent budgetary equilibrium for the future.

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The general tendency of this period appears to have taken the form of improving and developing the methods of the alchemists; 1 The definite distinction between potash and soda was first established by Duhamel de Monceau (1700-1781).

They will take advantage of the freedom from financial want that the modern age gives them and will focus on improving themselves and the world they live in.

The people of the town were employed in maintaining and improving their new lives.

In1906-1907an active campaign was begun at Kansas City for improving the channel of the Missouri and stimulating river freighting below that point.

If there had been no fighting daring these autumn months worthy of mention, much creditable work had been carried out by the invaders in respect to developing communications and to improving jetties and landing-places, especially at Suvla.

He retired from court and divided his time between improving his estates, where he built towns and fortresses, and disciplining the Cossacks, with whom he enjoyed great influence.

About the age of fifteen he went to Caen (Normandy), taking with him a little stock of merchandise, on which he traded, and so maintained himself whilst learning French, improving himself in Latin and.