Sentence Examples with the word improvement

We find in him other corrections or new presentations of views previously accepted, and some useful suggestions for the improvement of nomenclature.

A still greater improvement may be effected by using an electrically maintained fork, which performs the double office of controlling the resolution of the jet and of interrupting the primary current of the induction coil.

Still the practice introduced by him of assigning to each species, a diagnosis by which it ought in theory to be distinguishable from any other known species, and of naming it by two words - the first being the generic and the second the specific term, was so manifest an improvement upon anything which had previously obtained that the Linnaean method of differentiation and nomenclature established itself before long in spite of all opposition, and in principle became almost universally adopted.

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This consists mainly of land acquired under an Inclosure Act of 1761, but a small part is surplus land acquired in1876-1879in connexion with an improvement scheme for clearing a large insanitary area in the centre of the town.

A series of special improvement acts were passed, authorizing companies to execute or advance money for executing improvements in land.

The Czechoslovak Government, between 1918 and 1921, set up some 2,000 additional elementary and some 40 higher schools in Slovakia and Russinia (including 80 new German schools), so that a vast improvement in the educational status of those countries is only a matter of time.

The improvement of bayous, channels, the 'The original channel of the Red river.

She is much praised by historians for her modesty and prudence, and is said to have brought about by her example a considerable improvement in the morals of her nation.

A further and permanent improvement in cheap weeklies for home reading may be traced from the foundation of Howitt's Journal (1847-1849), and more especially Household Words (1850), conducted by Charles Dickens, All the Year Round (1859), by the same editor, and afterwards by his son, Once A Week (1859), and the Leisure Hour (1852).

A scheme was set on foot for the improvement by canalization of the Cape Fear river above Wilmington under a Federal project of 1902, which provided for a channel 8 ft.