Sentence Examples with the word improbably

Its nearest relatives appear to be the serows of the outer Himalaya and the Malay countries, which are in many respects intermediate between goats and antelopes, but it is not improbably also related to the musk-ox.

Even among his friends in youth (Sir Edward Lytton Bulwer, for example), and not improbably among the city men who wagered their p Y g Y g money in irrecoverable loans to him on the chance of his success, there may have been some who compassed the thought of Benjamin Disraeli as prime minister and peer; but at no time could any fancy have imagined him remembered so enduringly as Lord Beaconsfield has been.

By fifty years, arguing that the figures assigned to some of the reigns were improbably high.

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Cervidae, of which it not improbably indicates the ancestral type.

In consequence of this he was summoned before the Privy Council in February 1584, and had to flee into England in order to escape an absurd charge of treason which threatened imprisonment and not improbably his life.

Of his poem on nature (ct)uvns) there are left about 4 00 lines in unequal fragments out of the original 5000; of the hymns of purification (KaOap,uoi) less than loo verses remain; of the other works, improbably assigned to him, nothing is known.

Not improbably the sealing means to our author the preservation not from death, but through death from unfaithfulness, and the number 144,000 would signify mystically the entire body of true Christians, which formed the true people of God.

Each fertile pinnule bore six, or rarely seven fusiform microsporangia, described as bilocular: not improbably each may represent a synangium.

There is the Mithradates who presented the Academy with a statue of Plato by Silanion, not improbably identical (though the supposition implies a correction in the text of Diogenes Laertius) with that Mithradates who, together with his father Ariobarzanes, received the citizenship of Athens (Dem.

The Volga was not improbably known to the early Greeks, though it is not mentioned by any writer previous to Ptolemy.