Sentence Examples with the word impressionist

By all means let universal characterization be attempted - we are about to attempt one here, though well aware of the difficulty in the present state of our knowledge - but they must at least model themselves on the composite photograph rather than the impressionist sketch.

Painting and Engraving.Tn Japanese art the impressionist element is predominant.

He was one of the earliest defenders of the Impressionist painters.

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Such pictures partake largely of the impressionist character, but they attain much beauty in the hands of the Japanese artist with his extensive repertoire of suggestive symbols.

Pissarro is represented in the Caillebotte room at the Luxembourg, and in almost every collection of impressionist paintings.

He subsequently fell under the spell of the rising impressionist movement and threw in his lot with Monet and his friends, who were at that time the butt of public ridicule.

The first, a wonderful impressionist though not perhaps a great novelist, describes to perfection the domestic and social life of Portugal in the early part of the 10th century.

P. Oliveira Martins (2 vols., 4th ed., Lisbon, 1901), is a series of brilliant impressionist studies.