Sentence Examples with the word impoverished

It suffered greatly in the fire of 1671, and has since been impoverished by plunder'and neglect.

The settlement of estates on a legal basis provided ill for a large number of the king's adherents who had impoverished themselves in his cause.

The fauna of Tunisia at the present day is much impoverished as regards mammals, birds and reptiles.

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The family was greatly impoverished owing to his losses over these schemes, but still possessed a good deal of interest.

Moreover, the crusaders who survived the difficulties and dangers of an expedition to Palestine were seasoned and experienced although frequently impoverished and landless soldiers, ready to hire themselves to the highest bidder, and well worth the wages they received.

The great Mogul emperor's impoverished and enfeebled successor was fain to recognize the Mahratta state by a formal instrument.

In connection with suicides, it is interesting to observe that the highest rates prevail in some of the smaller and more prosperous states of the empire for example, in Saxe-Weimar, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and SaxeAltenhurg (on a three years average of figures), while the Roman Catholic country Bavaria, and the impoverished Prussian province of Posen show the most favorable statistics.

He likewise added to his power by assuming the captainship of the city guard (1495), and later by the purchase from the impoverished commune of several outlying castles (1507).

The story that he became impoverished by paying a fine incurred by his son Caeso is an attempt to explain the needy position of so distinguished a man.

Without means, and obliged to borrow from Niethammer, he had no further hopes from the impoverished university.