Sentence Examples with the word impossible

It was impossible not to retreat a day's march, and then in the same way it was impossible not to retreat another and a third day's march, and at last, on the first of September when the army drew near Moscow--despite the strength of the feeling that had arisen in all ranks--the force of circumstances compelled it to retire beyond Moscow.

The Japanese mission had vanished in blood in 1651; and though many Jesuits died with their converts bravely as martyrs for the faith, yet it is impossible to acquit them of a large share in the causes of that overthrow.

By small tenants on the old common-field system, which made it impossible for the individual to adopt a new crop rotation and hindered innovation of every kind.

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But while this was true of the outward structure it was impossible to disregard entirely private rights based upon Spanish and Mexican legislation.

Now, As The Year Consists Of 365 Days And A Fraction, And 365 Is A Number Not Divisible By 12, It Is Impossible That The Months Can All Be Of The Same Length And At The Same Time Include All The Days Of The Year.

The annuli into which segments are externally divided are so deeply incised as to render it impossible to distinguish, as can be readily done in the Oligochaeta as a rule, the limits of an annulus from that of a true segment.

But it also demonstrated how impossible it was for any one to govern at all who had no claim, either personal or inherited, to the respect of the legions.

He has left us two detailed accounts of the proceedings of the council of St Basle; and, despite his reticence, it is impossible to doubt that he was the moving spirit in Arnulf's deposition.

Clinically, dysentery manifests itself with varying degrees of intensity, and it is often impossible without microscopical examination to determine between the amoebic and bacillary forms. In well-marked cases the following are the chief symptoms. The attack is commonly preceded by certain premonitory indications in the form of general illness, loss of appetite, and some amount of diarrhoea, which gradually increases in severity, and is accompanied with griping pains in the abdomen (tormina).

She was so ill that it was impossible for them to consider in how far she was to blame for what had happened.