Sentence Examples with the word important

Another important point, in which the moas agree with the other Ratitae and differ from the kiwis, are the branched, instead of simple, porous canals in the eggshell.

There are numerous and important variations of these two types, but the above contain the elements out of which most cranes of the class are built.

The production of antitoxin is one of the most striking facts of biological science, and two important questions with regard to it must next be considered, viz.

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The Bermudas became an important naval and coaling station in 1869, when a large iron dry dock was towed across the Atlantic and placed in a secure position in St George, while, owing to their important strategic position in mid-Atlantic, the British government maintains a strong garrison.

The Gomal river drains a large area of central Afghanistan and forms the most important povindah (or Kafila) route on the frontier.

The most important step taken by President Harding during the first year of his administration was the calling of an international conference on the limitation of armaments.

At first nawabs were only found in important cities, such as Surat and Dacca, with the special function of administering civil justice; criminal justice was in the hands of the kotwdl.

While he trusted Dan, he couldn't help feeling that Lana was more capable of fending for herself than they gave her credit for, if only because she knew how important it was to keep the Horsemen safe.

She was young, a foreigner, a member of a state that had almost no weight in the great world of politics, had not given any proof of great ability, and was thrown into the shade by more important persons.

That year he accompanied Wolsey on his important diplomatic mission to France, the splendour and magnificence of which are so graphically described by Cavendish.