Sentence Examples with the word implement

The company plans to implement the recommendations through its code of practice in the new year.

The division of tribes in the stone implement stage into two classes, the Palaeolithic or Old Stone Age, and the Neolithic or New Stone Age, according to their proficiency in this most important art furnishes in some respects the best means of determining their rank in general culture.

Now it needs a strong, nervous arm to strike the first iron into the fish; for often, in what is called a long dart, the heavy implement has to be flung to the distance of twenty or thirty feet.

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Every science which deals with human phenomena is in a way an implement in this great factory system, in which the past is welded together again.

The tile-hook is an implement by means of which the pipes may be lowered from the edge of the trench and laid at the bottom.

The latter, when ripe, was pulled up by the roots, and the grain was separated by means of an implement resembling a comb.

He was one of the founders of the Royal Agricultural Society, and was chairman of the implement department of the great exhibition of 1851.

The only ancient implement discovered on the island is a kind of stone chisel, but it seems impossible that such large and numerous works could have been executed with such a tool.

Word for the implement being sulh, still found in some dialects in the form sell.

The first actual find of a palaeolithic implement was that of a rudely fashioned flint in a sandbank at Menchecourt in 1841 by Boucher de Perthes.