Sentence Examples with the word implant

He touched his net implant but found the network scrambled, indicating the jets were sending out electromagnetic pulses in addition to the missile strikes.

She touched the subcutaneous communications implant behind her right ear, which activated the communications net, and rolled onto her back.

The net buzzed, and she tapped her implant to open her channel.

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It took a long moment for her to register Mike hadn't spoken them, and the familiar voice came from the implant in her ear.

Alerted to her passage through the perimeter by the microchip implant in her brain, Mr. Tim intercepted her before she reached the command and control hub.

She'd removed her personal identifiers, hacked into the government's tracking mainframe to deactivate the implant in her brain, and changed into the black tactical uniform Elise brought her over her civilian grays.

On impulse, Brady tapped his implant and breathed her name as he continued to ready himself.

The micro warned him of incoming fire, sending the visuals to the implant in his brain.