Sentence Examples with the word implacable

Grattan from the first denounced the scheme with implacable hostility.

The searching investigation which followed raised up against him many implacable enemies.

He had advanced as far as the tenth sheet, bearing the signature K, when his work was discovered by Johann Cochlaeus, a famous controversialist and implacable enemy of the Reformation, who not only caused the Senate of Cologne to prohibit the continuation of the printing, but also communicated with Henry VIII.

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This was the moment chosen by Louis XIV.s implacable enemy, William of Orange, to resume the war.

More lasting still was the implacable hatred of those who had suffered from his cruelties.

The Ayyubites had always been, on the whole, chivalrous and tolerant: Saladin and his successors, Malik-al-Adil and Malik-alKamil, had none of them shown an implacable enmity to the Christians.

Between them and the Samaritans on the north and the Edomites on the south there was the most implacable hostility, which would probably be sufficient in itself to keep them from joining in the revolts in which other parts of Syria were involved..

These legends belong to an age when higher ideas of law and of social duty were being established;, the implacable blood-feud of primitive society gives place to a fair trial, and in Athens, when the votes of the judges are evenly divided, mercy prevails.

Frederick the robber nobles found a most implacable enemy.

This implacable war, which threw the whole of the nobility of the north of France against that of the south, and destroyed the brilliant Provencal civilization, ended, politically, in the treaty of Paris (1229), by which the king of France dispossessed the house of Toulouse of the greater part of its fiefs, and that of Beziers of the whole of its fiefs.