Sentence Examples with the word impinging

The impact will accordingly result in all the molecules being set into motion, and by the time that the masses have ceased impinging on one another the molecules of which they are composed will be performing oscillations about their positions of equilibrium.

At every point the motion of the lamina will be the same as would have occurred in its absence, the pressure of the waves impinging from behind being just what is required to generate the waves in front.

Each impinging molecule exerts an impulsive pressure equal to mu on the boundary before the component of velocity of its centre of gravity normal to the boundary is reduced to zero.

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This will become zero if V 1 is 2V 2, that is, if the linear velocity of the cupcentres is one-half that of the jet of water impinging upon them.

The old organism is more stable and responds in obvious ways to direct assaults from without; the young organism is at once less stable and more profoundly modified by environmental change, replying in terms less easy to predict from knowledge of the nature and amount of the impinging agency.

This want of proportionality will have a periodicity, that of the impinging waves, and so will produce vibrations just as does the variation of pressure in the case last investigated.