Sentence Examples with the word imperishable

Every new war produced a new survey and itinerary of the countries which were conquered, and added one more to the imperishable roads that led from every quarter of the known world to Rome.

In 1872 Victor Hugo published in imperishable verse his record of the year which followed the collapse of the empire, L'Annee terrible.

Many subsequent attempts were made at the North-West Passage from 1576 to 1616, which have left on our modern maps the imperishable names of Frobisher, Davis, Hudson and Baffin.

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Le Quatrieme Evangile, one thousand large pages long, is possibly over-confident in its detailed application of the allegorical method; yet it constitutes a rarely perfect sympathetic reproduction of a great mystical believer's imperishable intuitions.

It has a constant and imperishable moral, and to the scholar it yields a classic result.

In any case, such scepticism is at all times sufficiently refuted by the imperishable and justifiable trust of reason in itself.

The enormous quantities of Roman coins may be accounted for by consideration of the well-known practice of the Romans to make these imperishable monuments subservient towards perpetuating the memory, not only of their conquests, but also of those public works which were the natural result of their successes in remote parts of the world.

During the lapse of untold generations, despite domestic anarchy and foreign conquest, the Hindu village has in many parts preserved its simple customs, written in the imperishable tablets of tradition.

This transcendent mind is sometimes connected with the moon, according to the theory of Aristotle, who assigned an imperishable matter to the sphere beyond the sublunary, and in general looked upon the celestial orbs as living and intelligent.

In the most important of his writings, De la religion consideree dans sa source, ses formes, et ses developpements (5 vols., 1825-1831), he traces the successive transformations of the religious sentiment imperishable under its varying forms. Besides Adolphe, in its way as important as Chateaubriand's Rene, he left two other sketches of novels in MS., which are apparently lost.