Sentence Examples with the word imperio

Historia do Futuro (Lisbon, 1718; 2nd ed., ibid., 1755); this and the Quinto Imperio and the Clavis Prophetarum seem to be in essence one and the same book in different redactions.

On all hands he was then considered dignus imperio - it was only as the new administration went to pieces that people began to add nisi imperasset.

Schurz, De mutationibus in imperio ordinando ab imp. Hadr. factis, i.

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He had believed in the prophecies of a 16th-century shoemaker poet, Bandarra, dealing with the coming of a ruler who would inaugurate an epoch of unparalleled prosperity for the church and for Portugal, and in the Quinto Imperio or Clavis Prophetarum he had endeavoured to prove the truth of his dreams from passages of Scripture.

He was assisted by a council of bishops and clergy, and was represented in each province by a bishop. This imperium in imperio secured to the Armenians a recognized position before the law, the free enjoyment of their religion, the possession of their churches and monasteries, and the right to educate their children and manage their municipal affairs.

De Beaurepaire-Rohan (1876) to prepare a map of Brazil on a scale of I: 200,000 has never been acted upon, and in the meantime we are dependent upon works like the Atlas do imperio do Brazil by Mendes de Almeida (1868) or the maps in our general atlases.