Sentence Examples with the word impeded

The Territory had hardly been organized before its settlement was impeded by the Civil War without and by Indian troubles within.

To more than cost) greatly impeded the development of the industry.

Since 1890 the Turkomans who impeded trade by their perpetual raids have been kept more in check, and with the decrease of insecurity the commercial activity of Astarabad has increased considerably.

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Navigation in the southern part of the Gulf of Bothnia is impeded from the end of November to the beginning of May, and in the north the gulf is covered with ice from November to the last half of May.

He was a staunch adherent of the East Roman empire, which still exercised sovereignty over Rome, Ravenna and some other parts of Italy, and he impeded as far as possible the progress of the Lombards.

Optical complications fatally impeded sharpness of vision, and the phenomena took place in a debateable borderland of uncertainty.

It will not be impeded by any circumstance or cause beyond our reasonable control.

The publication of this work was, however, impeded for some time by differences with the admiralty, during which Forster proceeded to the continent to obtain an appointment for his father as professor at Cassel, and found to his surprise that it was conferred upon himself.

Guns could have been turned on to the beaches, of which the range was exactly known, and embarkation, impeded as it was by the rough water, could hardly have been carried out without many casualties.

Rumania has no canals, and the canalization of its rivers is impeded by drought and floods.