Sentence Examples with the word impeccable

He is similar to Hague, with sound principles and seemingly impeccable character; but, he lacks Hague's delivery.

On the other hand, the troubled and not impeccable past of the new pontiff was bound to excite some misgiving; while, at the same time, severe bodily suffering had brought old age on a man of but 53 years.

I think you have impeccable taste.

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Its impeccable pedigree comes from the 808, the highest quality compact disk player Meridian has ever built.

The twenty-two episodes of season four are fit onto six disks and look absolutely impeccable in their letterbox format.

Our host families were all very hospitable and, without exception, spoke impeccable English.

You showed impeccable taste by staying away from his show.

The top standard is extra virgin olive oil classified as having an absolutely impeccable taste and aroma.

He had impeccable credentials for the job of heading the US central bank.

She had an impeccable reputation.