Sentence Examples with the word impeach

Karl von Gebler, who, in an able and exhaustive but somewhat prejudiced work, Galileo Galilei and die romische Curie (Stuttgart, 1876), sought to impeach the authenticity of a document of prime importance in the trial of 1633.

With the hope of obtaining a divorce from Catherine, the reluctance of the pope to impeach the dispensation of his predecessor Julius II., and at the same time to alienate the English queen's nephew Charles V., the futile policy of Wolsey and his final ruin in 1529 are described elsewhere (see English History; HENRY VIII.; Catherine Of Aragon).

They brought in repeated motions to impeach the ministers, and parliament had to be prorogued in June, although no business of any kind had been transacted.

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Each of the chambers has the right to impeach the ministers.

Stanton and other members of his cabinet and General Grant became hostile to him, the president attempted to remove Stanton without regard to the Tenure of Office Act, and, finally, to get rid of the president, Congress in 1868 (February-May) made an attempt to impeach and remove him, his disregard of the Tenure of Office Act being the principal charge against him.

The House of Representatives may impeach the president.

The councillors, who are nominated and dismissed by the high commissioner, are responsible to the chamber, which may impeach them before a special tribunal for any illegal act or neglect of duty.

He took an active part in the attempt to impeach President Johnson.

He appears to have taken no part in the attempt to impeach Clarendon on a general charge of treason.

It has also the exclusive right to impeach the president, vice-president, cabinet ministers, and federal judges before the senate.