Sentence Examples with the word impartially

He passed away on the eve of tremendous events, which for a time obscured his fame; but now that he can be impartially estimated, he is seen to have been in many respects one of the greatest figures in modern history.

The results of his investigations were communicated from time to time in papers to the Philosophical Transactions of London and other scientific journals, and were admirably and impartially summarized by James D.

This was followed in 1777 by A Letter to Dr Hurd, Bishop of Worcester, wherein the Importance of the Prophecies of the New Testament and the Nature of the Grand Apostasy predicted in them are particularly and impartially considered.

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During the struggles between the Royalists and Covenanters the city was impartially plundered by both sides.

By these enactments it was provided that all classes of the sultan's subjects should have security for their lives and property; that taxes should be fairly imposed and justice impartially administered; and that all should have full religious liberty and equal civil rights.

At Wittstock; and Saxony, ravaged impartially by both sides,, was soon in a deplorable condition.

Henry Cloete, whose statements as to the causes of the trek were founded on intimate knowledge and are impartially set forth.

In 1848 he was consecrated archbishop of Canterbury, in which capacity he dealt impartially with the different church parties.

I desire to speak impartially on this point, and as one not interested in the success or failure of the present economical and social arrangements.

The legislation of the Lombard kings, in form a territorial and not a personal law, shows no signs of a disposition either to depress or to favour the Romans, but only the purpose to maintain, in a rough fashion, strict order and discipline impartially among all their subjects.