Sentence Examples with the word impartiality

Among the merits of Herodotus as an historian, the most prominent are the diligence with which he collected his materials, the candour and impartiality with which he has placed his facts before the reader, the absence of party bias and undue national vanity, and the breadth of his conception of the historian's office.

Formerly Lambert's reputation for accuracy and impartiality was very high, but both qualities have been somewhat discredited.

The work is considered too subjective and fanciful, the great fault of the author being that he lacks the impartiality of objective historical insight.

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For thirty years he laboured with ever-increasing success, due not to any attractions of manner or to the enunciation of novel or bizarre opinions, but to the soundness of his investigations, the impartiality of his judgments, and the clearness of his method.

This commission was admitted to have exercised its functions with impartiality as a matter of fact; but as a matter of form it stood on a weak foundation.

His somewhat ostentatious assertions of impartiality do not cloak a marked preference for the Burgundians in their struggle with France.

In 1856 he was chosen vice-president of the United States on the Buchanan ticket, and although a strong pro-slavery and states rights man, he presided over the Senate with conspicuous fairness and impartiality during the trying years before the Civil War.

The impartiality of his censures, which he directed not only against the prevailing sins of the laity, but also against heresy, simony, avarice, and impurity among the secular and regular clergy, provoked the hostility of the clergy, and accusations of heterodoxy were brought against him.

But while abstaining from irrelevant historical discussions, Hallam dealt with statesmen and policies with the calm and fearless impartiality of a judge.

The strictest impartiality was enjoined upon him, and he was advised to hold aloof from the people in order to preserve his authority.