Sentence Examples with the word impairment

Second, we struggle to understand disease and impairment because we still do not know much about how the human body works, is supposed to work, or can possibly work.

To understand when something is impaired, we must know its normal function, since impairment is a departure from that.

Many writers adhere to the doctrine that there is no impairment of sovereignty of the weaker state by the establishment of a protectorate.

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Not a hundredth part of the cerebellum has remained, and yet there has existed ability to stand, to walk, to handle and lift objects in a fairly normal way, without any trace of impairment of cutaneous or muscular sensitivity.

Indeed, all tissues when under-nourished, either locally as the result of an ischaemia, or generally as from some impairment of the blood, such as that prevailing in pernicious anaemia, tend to suffer from fatty degeneration; and at first sight it seems somewhat remarkable that under-nourished tissues should develop fat in their substance (figs.