Sentence Examples with the word impact

Asphalt, whether a natural product or artificially obtained, as, for example, in some chemical manufactures, is a most useful material if properly employed in connexion with reservoir dams. Under sudden impact it is brittle, and has a conchoidal fracture like glass; but under continued pressure it has the properties of a viscous fluid.

She touched her palm to his, driven back by the impact of images that rippled through her.

The impact stresses depend so much on local conditions that it is difficult to fix what allowance should be made.

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There was no impact in Wohler's experiments, and therefore it would seem rational to add the impact allowance to that for fatigue; but in that case the bridge sections become larger than experience shows to be necessary.

The fractured edge is smoothed by the impact of a gas flame.

The view that visible radiation must be excited by the impact of such an electron is therefore quite consistent with the view that there is no essential difference between the excitement due to chemical or electrical action and that resulting from a sufficient increase of temperature.

To prevent the bottom of the apparatus being knocked out by the impact of the substance, a layer of sand, asbestos or sometimes mercury is placed in the tube.

This may be detected by putting a telephone in series with the electrolytic cell, and then on the impact of the electric waves a sound is heard in the telephone due to the sudden increase in the current through it.

As I have already addressed this extensively, let me focus here on a specific economic aspect: how the falling price of computers will have an even more profound impact as more and more items have computers in them.

After impact the two masses will rebound, and the process may be repeated any number of times, but ultimately the two masses will be found again hanging in contact side by side.