Sentence Examples with the word immortal

There was no way to move up or improve life in the immortal world, but Jenn heard tales of the mortal world.

She marveled at the immortal world.

Chuckling, Gabe stood and offered the Immortal a hand.

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The ultimate sanctions of the moral code were the infinite rewards and punishments awaiting the immortal soul hereafter; but the church early felt the necessity of withdrawing the privileges of membership from apostates and allowing them to be gradually regained only by a solemn ceremonial expressive of repentance, protracted through several years.

By Immortal Code, he was obligated to claim her and protect her as Rhyn had Katie.

The scars the Dark One created when he turned her Immortal were more faded today than yesterday.

Standing between the men who could claim her as a mate at some point in the past week, she was caught in the need to taste Darkyn and the desire to have the love of an Immortal whose heart was never hers to start out with.

Anyway, now, by Immortal law, you're his mate, so he legally has to protect you instead of get revenge.

He peered at the Original Immortal curiously then looked up at her.

At barely above her height and slender, the mad scientist was very unlike the Immortal warriors that filled the castle.