Sentence Examples with the word immobile

Kutuzov's face as he stood in the open doorway remained perfectly immobile for a few moments.

Imagine for a moment that the sand grains were by any means rendered immobile without change in the permeability of their interspaces; we could then dispense with the iron or brickwork lining of the well; but as there would still be no cracks or fissures to extend the area of percolating water exposed to the open well, the yield would be very small.

The mouth is wide, bounded by stiff immobile lips, and curves slightly upwards at the hinder end.

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French started from Ramdam (near Graspan) eastward on that day, intending to make a wide sweep round Cronje's immobile army.

B, a, larvae boring their way into a root; b, larva of the immobile kind surrounded by the old skin, living as an ectoparasite on the outside of the root.

He's practically immobile and Julie is far out of her element, especially with a roommate who is unable to function.