Sentence Examples with the word immersion

The immersion itself is a simple matter; the difficulty lies in deciding when the process is complete.

Noll employed mercury thermometers, but as he worked over a small range with vapour baths, it is probable that he did not experience any trouble from immersion corrections.

But on the question of Baptism both groups, while they utterly rejected the baptism of infants, were as yet unpledged to immersion and rarely practised it.

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But the sudden immersion in the practical administration of a northern diocese gave him new strength.

The speed of the ship must therefore be so regulated that the angle of immersion is as great as the inclination of the steepest slope passed over.

The first immersion into liquid air generally produced a permanent decrease of magnetic moment, and there was sometimes a further decrease when the metal was warmed up again; but after a few alternations of temperature the changes of moment.

After impregnation, the male twists them round his legs and returns to his usual retreat, going about at night in order to feed himself and to keep up the moisture of the eggs, even resorting to a short immersion in the water during exceptionally dry nights.

Mark Lucar, who was baptized by immersion in London.

In some cases, however, they are filled with fused acetate of soda; this salt is solid when cold, but when the can containing it is heated by immersion in hot water it liquefies, and in the process absorbs heat which is given out again on the change of state back to solid.

Samples of this timber have been studied after forty-three years' immersion in sea-water.