Sentence Examples with the word immature

He told edifying tales for infants and immature grown ups.

The immature form of the above-mentioned species of Membracidae mimics both ant and leaf-particle.

Normally the medusae are liberated in quite an immature state; they swim away, feed, grow and become adult mature el individuals.

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In some cases a single corm produces several new plants during its second spring by giving rise to immature corms.

This fact suggests the possibility that the flowers described by Mr Wieland, in which the male organs are mature and the gynoecium is composed of very short and immature ovuliferous stalks and interseminal scales, are not essentially distinct from those which have lost the staminate leaves FIG.

Which possess fully developed male organs consisting of sporangia with spores (pollen-grains), surrounding a conical central receptacle bearing numerous small and probably functionless or immature ovules (fig.

The conclusion from these therefore was that the ratio of circumference to diameter is 34 This is a most notable piece of work; the immature condition of arithmetic at the time was the only real obstacle preventing the evaluation of the ratio to any degree of accuracy whatever.5 No advance of any importance was made upon the achievement of Archimedes until after the revival of learning.

The latter are almost invariably swallowed by their host in an immature state with its food, and from the stomach or intestine they work their way into the lungs, liver, body-cavity or blood vessels.

Sabinii, is more common, and has been found breeding both in Arctic America and in Siberia, and several examples, chiefly immature birds, have been obtained in the British islands.

In Leptolinae the actinula becomes the sessile polyp which has acquired the power of budding and producing individuals either of its own or of a higher rank; it represents a persistent larval stage and remains in a sexually immature condition as a neutral individual, sex being an attribute only of the final stage in the development, namely the medusa.