Sentence Examples with the word immanent

Thus as life is transcendent and yet immanent in body, and mind in brain, and both utilize their organs, so God, transcendent and immanent, uses the course of nature for His own ends; and the emergence both of life and mind in that course of nature evidences such a divine initiative as is assumed in the recognition of the possibility of miracles.

But what was matter of immanent assumption with Erigena is in them an equating of two things which have been dealt with on the hypothesis that they are separate, and which, therefore, still retain that external relation to one another.

But it is' to be noted that, though there is much talk of God in such systems, the known universe - the world that now is - is nowhere transcended; God is really no more than the principle of unity immanent in the whole.

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He had no conception of an immanent reason (Philosophy of Religion, Eng.

Immanent Philosophy is the hypothesis that the world is not transcendent, but immanent in consciousness.

It expresses the idea of an immanent reason in the world, and, under various modifications, is met with in Indian, Egyptian and Persian systems of thought.

The only criticism which can be applied in such a case is the immanent criticism which the conceptions or categories exercise upon one another.

God was apt to be thought of as purely transcendent, not immanent in the world.

He regarded the Deity as the guide and upholder of the world, watching over it from the outside, not as the immanent soul within it, for according to him the world was as soulless as a plant.

Of this process, this self-generation of God, we may distinguish two aspects - the immanent or esoteric, and the emanent or exoteric. God has reality only in so far as He is absolute spirit, and only in so far as the primitive will is conscious of itself can it become spirit at all.