Sentence Examples with the word imitative

Its touch on classical mythology is original, rarely imitative or pedantic. The art of the Renaissance was an apocalypse of the beauty of the world and man in unaffected spontaneity, without side thoughts for piety or erudition, inspired by pure delight in loveliness and harmony for their own sakes.

His last publication was On Imitative Art (1882).

The earliest efforts of his art (the Eclogues) reproduce the cadences, the diction and the pastoral fancies of Theocritus; but even in these imitative poems of his youth Virgil shows a perfect mastery of his materials.

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Even in an imitative artist such precocity of talent is remarkable, and the date is therefore open to legitimate doubt.

The so-called mountain mocking-bird (Oreoscoptes montanus) is a form not very distant from Mimus; but it inhabits exclusively the plains overgrown with sage-brush (Artemisia) of the interior tableland of North America, and is not at all imitative in its notes, so that it is an instance of a misnomer.

The imitative and rhetorical tastes of Rome showed themselves in the composition of exotic tragedies, as remote in spirit and character from Greek as from Roman life, of which the only extant specimens are those attributed to the younger Seneca.

In the case of poetry, this imitative spirit is apparent in Petrarch's Africa, and in the Latin poems of Politian, Pontano, Sannazaro, Vida and many others.

The national love of works of large compass shows itself in the production of long epic poems, both of the historic and of the imitative Alexandrian type.

He was possessed by the spirit of decadence, imitative rather than originating..

Morris (1895) in imitative metre, and almost unintelligibly archaistic in diction; and C. B.