Sentence Examples with the word imagery

Though we may recognize in this poetical imagery the survival of ancient and, if we please, mythical notions, we should err if we inferred that Yahweh was originally a departmental god, presiding specifically over meteorological phenomena, and that this conception of him persisted among the Israelites till very late times.

As nearly all its imagery is taken from the animal world, it is also known as the Bestiary.

It is no wonder if in such confused imagery the details are not always self-consistent.

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The poetic imagery in which the prophets clothed the doom of Babylon, like the romantic account of Herodotus (i.

Their subjects are faith, love, fasting, prayer, wars (a somewhat mysterious setting forth of the conflict between Rome and Persia under the imagery of Daniel), the sons of the covenant (monks or ascetics), penitents, the resurrection, humility, pastors.

The formula for an indefinite number of particular things in particular places at particular times, and all of them presentable in sensuous imagery of a given time and place, is not itself presentable in sensuous imagery side by side with the individual members of the group it orders.

Consider, for example, the security implications of commercially available high-resolution satellite imagery of South Asian nuclear facilities.

His exposition of the significance of synthetic judgments a priori, or his explanation of the function of imagery in relation to thought, whereby he offers a solution of the problem of the conditions under which one member of a group unified through a concept can be taken to stand for the rest, or again the way in which he puts his finger on the vital issue in regard to the alleged proof from essence to existence, and illustrations could be multiplied.

He has not, indeed, the elegance of Bacon, whom he emulated, and he is often obscure and affected; but his copious imagery and genuine penetration give his reflections a certain charm.

Bathymetry and sidescan sonar imagery together reveal a slow-spreading ridge segment that has a large composite volcanic plateau at its center.