Sentence Examples with the word image

From the waist to the feet her image resembles a pillar, narrowing downwards and sculptured all round with rows of animals (lions, rams and bulls).

The image of Taran crossed her mind, and she admired him more for his ability to survive such a place.

He conceives of them as living a life of eternal peace and exemption from passion, in a world of their own; and the highest ideal of man is, through the exercise of his reason, to realize an image of this life.

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The image formed on the paper may be traced out by a pencil, and it will be noticed that in this case the image is real - not virtual as in the case of the camera lucida.

In like manner magic still exists in the civilized world as a survival from the savage and barbaric times to which it originally belongs, and in which is found the natural source and proper home of utterly savage practices still carried on by ignorant peasants in Great Britain, such as taking omens from the cries of animals, or bewitching an enemy by sticking full of pins and hanging up to shrivel in the smoke an image or other object, that similar destruction may fall on the hated person represented by the symbol (Tylor, Primitive Culture, ch.

Spherical aberration and changes of the sine ratios are often represented graphically as functions of the aperture, in the same way as the deviations of two astigmatic image surfaces of the image plane of the axis point are represented as functions of the angles of the field of view.

Artisans came from a great distance to view and honour the image of the popular writer whose best efforts had been dedicated to the cause and the sufferings of the workers of the world; and literary men of all opinions gathered round the grave of one of their brethren whose writings were at once the delight of every boy and the instruction of every man who read them.

The image on his bicep was the same she wore around her neck.

Parallel rays falling on A A converge at F, where an image is formed; the rays are then reflected from B and converge at P, where a second and more enlarged image is formed.

She didn't look forward to traveling alone into the valley where she'd last seen a sat image of what looked like a militia.