Sentence Examples with the word illustré

His Lusiads, cast in the Virgilian mould, celebrates the combination of faith and patriotism which led to the discoveries and conquests of the Portuguese, and though the Epic voyage of Vasco da Gama occasioned its composition and formed the skeleton round which it grew, its true subject is the peito illustre lusitano.

On the death of Arminius shortly after this time, Konrad Vorstius (1569-1622), who sympathized with his views, was appointed to succeed him, in spite of the keen opposition of Gomarus and his friends; and Gomarus took his defeat so ill that he resigned his post, and went to Middleburg in 1611, where he became preacher at the Reformed church, and taught theology and Hebrew in the newly founded Illustre Schule.

A large number of Rittera ristocratic schools (Ritt e r-Akademien) w ere founded,, beginning with the Collegium Illustre of Tubingen (1589) and ending with the Hohe Karlschule of Stuttgart (1775).

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The Apologie ou defence du tres illustre Prince Guillaume contre le ban et l'edit du roi d'Espagne (Leiden, 1581) is sometimes attributed to Languet.

Hall's great work, The Union of the Noble and Illustre Famelies of Lancastre and York, commonly called Hall's Chronicle, was first published in 1542.

Heksch, Guide illustre sur le Danube (Vienna, 1883); F.