Sentence Examples with the word illuminate

The head f is a switch which enables the observer to illuminate lamp a or c at pleasure.

In such instruments an arrangement is often required to intensely illuminate the object.

She opened the single wardrobe, pushing the doors open enough for light to illuminate the contents.

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No, but put a sky-light on top of his head to illuminate inwards.

The miracle and the doctrine mutually illuminate one another.

The alley light shone through the partially open door, interrupting the darkness just enough to illuminate the frightened look on her face.

From 1416 citizens were obliged to hang out candles between certain hours on dark nights to illuminate the streets.

He absorbed intensely, but when called upon to illuminate in turn was found wanting.

For all his old age, and his one arm, and his blind eyes, he must die the death and be murdered, in order to light the gay bridals and other merry-makings of men, and also to illuminate the solemn churches that preach unconditional inoffensiveness by all to all.

For this mirror to illuminate all the points of the objective so that the rays fill up the objective, it must not be too small, and should be as near as possible to the stage plate, and the source of light must be considerably extended (fig.