Sentence Examples with the word illiterate

Of the male population, aged io years or more, only 3206 (2968 foreign-born whites; 194 native-born whites) were illiterate in 1900.

In 1905 only ten persons in every thousand married were unable to sign their names, thus proving that the number of illiterate adults of Australian birth is very small.

Though himself a plain and almost illiterate soldier, he was a founder of schools, and he also provided medical attendance for the poor of Rome, by appointing a physician for each of the fourteen districts of the city.

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An illiterate population is very prone to state its age in even multiples of five, and even where education is widely spread this tendency is not altogether absent, as may be seen from the examples given in TABLE III.

His father, vicar of Charlton and Westport, an illiterate and choleric man, quarrelled, it is said, with a brother clergyman at the church door, and was forced to decamp, leaving his three children to the care of an elder brother Francis, a flourishing glover at Malmesbury.

The illiterate brigand, whose boyish ambition had not looked beyond the recovery of his father's beylick, was now established as one of the most powerful viziers under the Ottoman government.

In 1900 the percentage of illiterate recruits, in spite of the large Polish-speaking contingent, was only 0.05.

An overwhelming majority of the people is illiterate and is practically unconscious of the defect.

No, you can't understand what I learned from that illiterate man--that simple fellow.

Whilst the worship of the Church of England was proscribed, every illiterate or frenzied enthusiast was allowed to harangue at his pleasure.