Sentence Examples with the word illiteracy

Inability to write among those ten years old and over) decreased from 19.3 in 1800 to 11 in 1900, while illiteracy among the native whites decreased during the same period from 7.8 to 4.1 and among negroes from 59.6 to 35 2.

There is a greater difference in the North than in the South between the child illiteracy of the Caucasian and non-Caucasian elements; also a ranking of the different sections of the country according to the child illiteracy of one and the other race shows that the negroes of the South stand relatively as high as do its whites.

Consequently the percentage of illiteracy is extremely low.

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As the Internet lowers the cost of education, makes it better, and promotes distance learning, illiteracy will drop further and college degrees will proliferate.

Yugoslavia's economic recovery had been surprisingly rapid, and the chief problems which confronted her in the autumn of 1921 were how best to exploit her vast undeveloped mineral and agricultural resources, improve her very faulty communications, and root out the illiteracy which was a legacy of alien rule.

A royal visitation, beginning in 1547, discovered, however, such a degree of ignorance and illiteracy among the parish clergy that it became clear that preaching could only be gradually given its due place in the services of the Church.

Education is somewhat neglected by them, and the percentage of illiteracy among adults is high.

In proportion to the raised standard of popular education, further aided by the number of popular educational establishments which were springing up, and the university extension movement formed on the English plan, the proportion of illiteracy rapidly decreased.

The lowest rate of illiteracy is to be found in the southern half of the republic. Public instruction is, by constitutional provision, under secular control, but religious denominations are permitted to have their own schools.

Since 1880 the proportion of illiteracy has steadily declined for all classes, save the foreignborn between 1880 and 1890, owing to the beginning in these years, on a large scale, of immigration from southern Europe.