Sentence Examples with the word illegitimacy

The percentage of illegitimacy is high as a whole, although in some of the rural districts it is very low.

Deliverance from the pantheistic conception of the universe comes through the recognition of the central place occupied by thought and purpose in the actual world, and, as a consequence of this, of the illegitimacy of the abstraction whereby material energy is taken for the ultimate reality.

The percentage of illegitimacy is rather high (though it decreased ' The island and adjacent islets.

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The percentage of illegitimacy is about 7.

Gives the percentages to the population of the births, deaths and marriages in the four decades specified, along with the ratio of illegitimacy to the total number of births in the same periods.

In revenge Cleomenes accused Demaratus of illegitimacy and secured his deposition in favour of Leotychides (Herod.

He was ostentatiously feasted by the city, the stronghold of Shaftesbury's influence; and it was observed as he drove to dinner that the mark of illegitimacy had been removed from the arms on his coach.