Sentence Examples with the word ill-fated

Unlike the ill-fated American communities, these hardy WUrttemberg peasants have flourished in Palestine, and their three colonies - at Jaffa, Haifa, and Jerusalem - are the most important European communities now in the country Since 1870 there has been a steady development of Jewish immigration, consisting principally of refugees from countries where anti-Semitism is an important element in politics.

Alexander Farnese had been brought up in Spain with his cousin, the ill-fated Don Carlos, and his uncle Don John of Austria, both of whom were about the same age as himself, and after his marriage he took up his residence at once at the court of Madrid.

At least something good had come out of Edith Shipton's ill-fated stay at Bird Song.

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A yellow police tape blocked off the area where Shipton had belayed for his ill-fated drop.

The ill-fated Vieira de Castro excited the greatest admiration by his impassioned speeches in the Chamber of Deputies during the 'sixties; the nearest modern counterpart to these distinguished men is the orator Antonio Candido Ribeiro da Costa.

Its details cannot be described in this place (see Investitures); we need only say that this ill-fated quarrel was not calculated to advance the reform movement, but rather to impede it, and, further, that it ended in failure.

He still recalled the look she'd given him before they left in the ill-fated helo.

He accompanied Charles on the ill-fated Algerian expedition of 1541, of which he disapproved, and by his ability just saved the whole force from complete disaster.

He held this office jointly or solely until his death; in 1577 when Smith died, Dr Thomas Wilson was associated with Walsingham; after Wilson's death in 1581 Walsingham was sole secretary until July 1586, when Davison began his brief and ill-fated seven months' tenure of the office.

Meanwhile, in the province of Victoria, by means of a fund subscribed among the colonists and a grant by the legislature, the ill-fated expedition of Messrs Burke and Wills was started.