Sentence Examples with the word ill-defined

In the Spanish ibex (C. pyrenaica) the horns fare flattened, with ill-defined knobs, and a spiral twist.

Ispravniki and stanovoi alike are armed with large and ill-defined powers; and, since they are for the most part illiterate and wholly ignorant of the law, they have proved exasperating engines of oppression.

There are no lacunar blood spaces with ill-defined or absent walls except for a sinus surrounding the intestine, which is at least frequently present.

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While at Berlin in1824-1825he was thrown into prison, either on some ill-defined political charge at the instance of the French police, or on account of certain incautious expressions which he had let fall in conversation.

Lastly, on June 7th, while Stakelberg was proceeding southward on his ill-defined errand, Kuropatkin, imposed upon by the advance of the Takushan column to Siu-yen, forbade him to concentrate to the front, only removing the veto when he learned that the 4th Army had halted and entrenched at Siu-yen.

FETISHISM, an ill-defined term, used in many different senses: (a)the worship of inanimate objects, often regarded as peculiarly African; (b)negro religion in general; (c)the worship of inanimate objects conceived as the residence of spirits not inseparably bound up with, nor originally connected with, such objects; (d)the doctrine of spirits embodied in, or attached to, or conveying influence through, certain material objects (Tylor); (e)the use of charms, which are not worshipped, but derive their magical power from a god or spirit; (f)The use as charms of objects regarded as magically potent in themselves.

The respective relations of pope and emperor, ill-defined in the compact between Charles the Great and Leo III., were brought in question, and Che two chief potentates -of Christendom, no longer tacitly concordant, stood against each other in irreconcilable rivalry.

The Chinese and Japanese cultivate another species, the Diospyros Kaki, of which there exist numerous ill-defined varieties.

Not to mention Venice, which has not yet entered the Italian community, and remains a Greek free city, Genoa and Pisa were rapidly rising into ill-defined autonomy.

The malarial cachexia that follows definite attacks of ague consists in a state of ill-defined suffering, associated with a sallow skin, enlarged spleen and liver, and sometimes.