Sentence Examples with the word iis

Rhe government majorities in the House now rapidly dwindled;)n the 26th of April 1804, Addington resigned; and Pitt, after Iis attempt to form a national coalition ministry had broken down on the kings refusal to admit Fox, became head of a government constructed on a narrow Tory basis.

The transference of Mary Stuart to France, and the treaty of 1550 which restored Boulogne to France for a sum of 400,000 crowns, suspended the state of war; and then Henry IIs opposition to the imperial policy of Charles V.

There are other collections too numerous to enumerate, such as Lettenhoves edition of Philip IIs correspondence relating to the Netherlands, Diegerick and Mullers, Teulets and Albris collections, the French Documents indits and the Spanish Documentos ineditos, all containing state papers relating to Englands foreign policy in the 16th century.

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The latter part of his reign, and also the inordinate squandering of money, the autos-da-f in the provinces and in Paris, the harsh repression of reform and free thought, and the sale of justice; while the nation became impoverished and the state was at the mercy of the caprices of royal mistressesall of which was to become more and more pronounced during the twelve years of Henry IIs government.

Pippins work was almost un.donea party among the Neustrians under Raginfrid, mayor of the palace, revolted against Pippin IIs adherents, and Radbod, duke of Charles the Frisians, joined them.