Sentence Examples with the word iii

Banking end Credit.The Bank of Spain (Banco de Espana) has a charter which has been renewed and enlarged several times since ts foundation after the Restoration, and its privileged note issue has had to he gradually and very largely increased by legislative authorizations, especially iii 1891 and 1898, as its relations with the treasuries of Spain and of her colonies increased; since nothing in the services rendered by the bank to the public would ever have justified the growth of the note issue first to thirty millions sterling in 1891 then by quick strides to fifty and over sixty-One millions sterling in 1899 and 1900.

Observe that the basal segment of 3 appendage III does not meet its fellow 4 in the middle line.

This work has usually an interest not found in corresponding reports elsewhere, in the prominent place necessarily occupied iii it by the ethnographical variety of the population.

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Similar views were arrived at by Goethe, though by the deductive rather than the inductive method, and were propounded in his famous pamphlet, Versuch die Metamorphose der Pfianzen zu erklren (1790), from which the following is a quotation: The underlying relationship between the various external parts of the plant, such as the leaves, the calyx, the corolla, the stamens, which develop one after the other and, as it were, out of one another has long been generally recognized by investigators, and has iii fact been specially studied; and the operation by which onc and the same organ presents itself to us in various forms has been termed Metamorphosis of Plants.

During the period1891-1905the total production of Germany has averaged roughly 62 million gallons, attaining a maximum of III million gallons in 1896 and a minimum of 16 million gallons in 1891.

Ii., Introd., p. xxiv; and as to the seals see p. Iii and appendix.

In Dalmatia the Venetians III were too strong for her; but she helped materially to break up the Byzantine rule in the Balkan peninsula by assisting Stephen Nemanya to establish an independent Servian kingdom, originally under nominal Hungarian suzerainty.

Farther south a narrow gauge (60 cm.) railway III m.

The mesenterial pairs I, II and III are attached to the stomodaeum, and are called macromesenteries (fig.

The most statesmanlike of his foreign enterprises, the attempt to take the piratical city of Algiers ill 1775 (see BARBARY PIRATES), was made with insufficient forces, was iii executed, and ended in defeat.